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Along with the vinyl revival are new Internet web sites that cater to collectors and music lovers. One such site that has just launched is, is social marketplace that will support independent artists, labels and record stores and will aid in the spreading of musical innovation to the global community of music lovers and record collectors.

There are many vinyl sites on the Internet today, what will set yours apart from the others- what will make you unique?

”We think there are two main aspects that set us apart from other sites. First of all, we have structured our marketplace to reflect the world’s major music scenes. This we hope will make it easier for users to discover more new music and that local artists will be able to find a bigger audience. To make this possible we are cooperating with some of the finest bloggers from these scenes, so previews of all their posts can be read on our scene pages. Instead of creating distant editorials and boring recommendations, we think it’s much better to give the word to local experts, who participate in these scenes on a daily basis.”

”A second aspect we think set us a part from other services is how we emphasize the social aspects of vinyl collecting. We want to be something more than a simple marketplace. Through various features we want to include the users and enable increased interaction. We want to be a community for music and vinyl enthusiasts, a place where they can meet, share and exchange knowledge and experiences.”

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