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SOUND IT OUT is a documentary portrait of the very last surviving vinyl record shop in Teesside. (45 mins)

Director: Jeanie Finlay (Goth Cruise – IFC) Starring: Tom, Kelly, David, Daniel, 70,000 records and the good people of Teesside

A distinctive, funny and intimate film about men, obsession and the irreplaceable role music plays in our lives. High Fidelity with a Northern Accent.

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I did a short interview with Graham Jones, Author of the book Last shop standing – What ever happened to recordshops?

1 ) Which format do you prefer vinyl or cd or digital? And why?

Vinyl as an LP is a complete package with the cover often being a piece of art.

2 ) “If you can hear whatever you like, whenever you want to hear it you don’t have to own or physically possess the music” This statement is from the book future of music (by Gerd Leonhard & David Kusek), do you agree? Why or why not?

Disagree. Every record I own brings back a memory for me. Downloads don’t. It is like the difference between drinking instant coffee and proper coffee.

3 ) There’s a boost in vinyl sales at the moment, what do you think is the cause of this?

More bands are putting out product on vinyl and more decks are being made. Great to see lots of young bands putting out limited pressings of vinyl

4 ) Do you think this boost in sales will continue? Or is it just a fad to own records again?

Yes, vinyl sales have continued to rise over the last 5 years

5 ) Do you think there will be any “real” record shops left in the future?

Yes. I think the market has bottomed out. We had 14 new record shops open in the UK last year

* do you think shops need to diversify in order to survive? (Like for instance rough trade east with books, coffee shop, performance stage, exhibition space, etc.)

Yes. I say to all record shops check out Rough Trade. Fortunately there are lots of record shops like Rough Trade all over the UK they just don’t get as much publicity

* In your book last shop standing you mention some of the last surviving record shops in Britain are all the shops you mentioned still in business?

No 2 have closed. Pendulum and Selecta Disc

6 ) What kind of impact do you think the switch from real shops to online shops has on record sales? Positive, negative or both and why?

The internet is a good thing for music as it allows people to hear new music. I have been in record shops many times when somebody has said I have downloaded a track and now I wish to buy the album. Illegal downloading is the big problem

7 ) Do you think giving a download link to the digital version free with the sale of the record will discourage downloading illegally and encourages buying a legal product?

Downloading needs to be cheaper. The record companies were just too greedy.

8 ) I’ve seen someone describe the “comeback” of vinyl as a way to rebel against downloading music, what’s your opinion on this?

I wished I had thought of saying that.

9 ) What’s your vision on the future of vinyl?

Sales of vinyl will continue to increase but it will remain a market for true music fans. Cd sales will lose out to downloading

Just finished reading Graham Jones book Last Shop Standing – Whatever Happened to Record Shops? It’s a fun read, but quite sad too. The writer had many jobs in the music industry one of them was driving around visiting record shops to sell records. The book discribes his tour round Britain where he visits the last record shops that still exist. It’s a must read for everyone who has a heart for the record shop.

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