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When the vinyl LP began its modest but highly publicized commercial comeback a few years ago, the format felt easy to love again. With sprawling artwork, pristine sound quality and the adoring ritual of flipping album sides, its return united young bohemia and their boomer parents alike.

Not so for the lowly cassette tape. To mainstream music fans who spent the ’80s detangling spools with a paper clip, listening to heat-damaged sounds warble out of the speakers and blindly fast-forwarding and reversing to get to a favourite song, cassettes might be the most despised, instantly discarded and fidelity-challenged medium to ever vie for mass popularity.

This story is purely fictional, and set in 2012, when I hope we have figured out to make our industry healthy, artist-driven and customer-focused. When we take advantage of technology and change, rather than fight it, and where we monetize the awesome.