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Rocket Panda Media presents a film entitled Revolutions Per Minute: The Analog Spirit in a Digital World. The documentary explores the viability and appeal of analog and physical music forms in an age of instant and disposable digital music.

Vinylmania is a journey about life through the grooves of music, an investigation of the filmmaker about vinyl as a symbol that represents – in the past, the present and the future – a passion shared by different generations in the age of the internet. The film is a 75 minute documentary about the search for an identity, one cry against the “fast-food” music.

Walking down the staircase into the dingiest, dustiest and most hidden-away record shops, we travel through the fascination of the qualities that make vinyl a legendary object. Dancing in the clubs where the groove of vinyl beats out its rhythm with djs, we discover contemporary artists that make music with vinyl or still release their music on it, and interact with people via a dedicated blog and social networks.

Exploring the five senses of vinyl, the movie approaches with an ironical and anthropological eye one of the most amazing collective researches, together with archive film footage that looks at vinyl as a cultural phenomenon.

With a chorus of musicians, artists, djs, collectors, experts and simple music lovers and teenagers, we discover an object that today represents a huge part of human heritage.

Short documentary looking at the future of vinyl, and the individuals who share a passion for it….

Directed/shot/edited by
Andrew Norton
Jack Somerville