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Some songs just need to be played in a car. They require windows-down, wind-in-hair, public-dancing glory. But vinyl fans are stuck inside, sitting by a turntable, missing out on the world’s greatest driving songs. Sound quality? Sure. But what does it matter if you can’t take it with you?


You probably already know that MP3s are rapidly replacing CDs. But now that 2008 is over, the official music sales numbers are in for last year, and I thought they were pretty interesting.

A report from Nielsen SoundScan states that there were over 1 billion digital music downloads in 2008, a 27 percent rise over 2007. On the other hand, CD sales, which still account for the majority of the music industry’s revenue, dropped nearly 20 percent, to 362.6 million.

These numbers have followed the same pattern the music industry has seen throughout the decade–and there are no signs of things changing. People have made it clear to record executives that they want a convenient, cheap, and accommodating (individual track sales) way to buy music. CD sales will continue to decrease, with 2008 marking the seventh decline in eight years. There will also continue to be increased demand for individual tracks, as opposed to full album downloads. Between these accomodations, the increasing popularity of piracy, and the economic crisis we are currently battling, the music industry is in for some trouble in 2009.