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This next interview is with Berlin based Dj Poingi. Playing styles ranging from (Italo)disco to breakcore. Check out his mixes at:

Photo by Photophunk

1)You’re djing with time code records, what was the reason for you to switch from vinyl to Serato ?
Well the main reason was so that i can play all those hard to get or super expensive tunes. Second reason was having to carry the heavy records all those years, sometimes two DJ bags for some of my gigs. It was too heavy. And always having to choose from all those records i want to play when now i can have all my music on me.
But the variety has a downside, sometimes, or even usually i get lost in between all this music. so many file names instead of a few familiar record covers.

2)Do you use Serato only or do you still DJ with vinyl as well ?
Unfortunately i’am only using serato. I’m saying unfortunately because I still love Vinyl. I like the way it looks, the way it feels, the happiness you feel when buying new records. I often get jealous at people still using vinyl.

3)Do you still buy vinyl ? and if yes where do you buy it (online, shop and why?)
I don’t anymore, rarely, but i wish i were.

4)Do you buy the digital music you play ? (or do you play your own vinyl rips, tracks from friends or illegal downloads)
All. Some stuff i buy, some stuff like Italo disco or breakcore you cant really buy digitally, so i download it. And i also play tracks from friends.

5)Do you think music will stay an accessory (Ipod, telephone, etc)? or will new generations will get the feeling they’re missing something (to collect, to hold, etc) ?
I think the younger generation is already used to music as being a file on the computer. I do think they will collect but only the music files themselves. Maybe some people will still collect vinyl but i doubt if many. Also, i am sure that future generations will be more ecological aware and will not use paper and for that matter will probably also won’t use vinyl.

6)How would you describe the future of vinyl?
I love vinyl. I think in some clubs it will go on living for a while. But i don’t see much of a future for it. Here in Berlin there are many clubs that insist on playing vinyl. The biggest clubs like Tape Club or Berghain love vinyl and don’t like digital. But this is Berlin. Whenever a DJ comes from the US or some other places Europe they often use cds or Serato or Final Scratch – digital format.

*)do you think there will be any “real” record shops left?
I think that as long as Vinyl exists there will be some real vinyl shops. Part of the Vinyl culture and experience is to buy it in a real shop. To touch the covers, to browse through the records, to take the record out, to put the needle on and to listen.

7)Do you think the switch from real shops to online shops has an impact on record sales ?
No I don’t. On the contrary. Maybe selling vinyl can still be profitable even due to low sales because the shop owners don’t have to pay rent for having a record shop.

8)What do you think is the reason that so many distributors, shops, labels are quitting while the media is talking about the return of vinyl and numbers show that vinyl sales are going up?
This is actually new to me. Didn’t know Vinyl sales were up. What can I say? never trust the media?
Maybe vinyl sales as a hyped product are going up but im pretty sure in general the sales are not doing well.
When one talks to shop owners you can always hear how bad it is going. then again… the economy is bad. so who knows?

9)Someone described the “comeback” of vinyl as a way to rebel against downloading music, what do you think of this?
I think its an interesting way to fight against downloading music. But i don’t know if this can really change anything. But the best way should be keeping digital music prices low and the quality high.