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One of my earliest vinyl related memories is a visit to the local shopping mall “de Klerk” in my birthplace Vlissingen. This was around 1984/85 . My mom let me pick two records to buy. I still remember the setting and all the crates filled with records. Our pick that day were 3 Star wars records (the Meco disco one and 2 soundtracks) for my cousins and i picked two records just because i liked the sleeves. It were records by now (i guess) forgotten Dutch metal bands Dark Wizard & Sad Iron.

For me going into town meant visiting the record shop and 25 years later nothing has changed. When visiting new places first thing is to inform where the record shops are or flea markets etc.
Just as long as i can dig for the black gold.

Cd’s never did it for me, i did buy them but never gave me the same fulfilling feeling as a new record, it’s nice to get it if it isn’t released on vinyl.

My love for vinyl is the main reason i started this research and the fear of the possibility of losing the way to fuel my addiction.

In recent years i saw many shops disappear and media has been writing about the end of vinyl for quite some time now, especially in this time of downloading but isn’t it just the same articles as in the time the CD first came around or is it different this time?
Shops are closing for good or only sell online. Vinyl’s future was mainly secured by the dj’s who bought records to play out. This has changed quite a lot the last few years. Many dj’s switched from vinyl to CD or to mp3.

And i have to be honest. I download music too but if i really like something i want to have the physical format. I also use software to mix digital music, but only my own created tunes, when i dj i dj with vinyl and i don’t think this will change.

The media is now talking about an up rise of vinyl and that vinyl will outlive the CD. Vinyl sales are going up every year. I’m really happy to read all the news about the sudden up rise of vinyl again, with headlines as “vinyl may be final nail in Cd’s coffin”. I hope this will continue and also in different (than the aforementioned) genres, because i really have the feeling that people are missing out, no physical format only a hard disk with zeroes & ones, no thrill of finding a record you where searching for ages, no beautiful big artwork only a lousy image on their players or computers and off course the sound!

This blog follows the latest news on the future of vinyl and i will interview people who use/release/used/sell/etc vinyl like dj’s, musicians, writers, etc
I started this mainly to inform myself but hopefully it’s useful for you too.
Please leave your opinions in the comments or email me at tripletimesf [at]

Thanks for visiting!

Tommy de Roos


  1. Don’t know if you dig crossover art, but I celebrate old and new vinyl by turning it into an artifact. See the music.


  2. Hey, Tommy!
    I just came across your site. It’s great! Vinyl will never die, mate. It only gets stronger and stronger. The shops may close, but they will open again. It will happen when the people stop to simulate listening music. On digital format you have audio signal, but you doesn’t have music. You have pitiful simulation of music. This is the difference.

    Good luck with the site!
    Cheers, Dobromir a.k.a Soulmate
    Varna, Bulgaria

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